This year´s CORESTA Smoke Science & Product Technology Meeting (SSPT) was held on Jeju Island in South Korea on behalf of KT&G from 04th – 08th Oct 2015. The amazing landscape of this island and its unique culture made it a very memorable occasion worth for the long journey from Munich to South Korea.

The organisers successfully established a valuable scientific program with 13 sessions, 1 workshop and 1 poster session. A strong focus was put on the development, analytical investigation and future regulations of e-cigarettes with two dedicated sessions and the e-cigarette workshop. This workshop covered all current fields of interest on this topic: product development and novel e-cig designs, regulations around the world, and toxicological evaluation. Interactive discussions between the speakers and the participants showed the great interest of the scientific community in that area. Clearly, presentations and discussions on novel alternative nicotine delivery systems will still be growing in future CORESTA conferences and meetings.

ABF also has a strong focus on (bio-)analytical investigations of e-cigarettes. Current research at ABF was presented in two posters associated with the characterization of e-cigarettes:

Determination of flavours and their metabolites in e-liquids and biological fluids – identification of biomarkers of exposure to prominent e-cigarette flavours


A novel method for the determination of propylene glycol and glycerine from various biological matrices – suitable biomarkers for e-cigarette consumption

Those posters discuss novel methods for the determination of propylene glycol and glycerine – two main e-liquid components – as well as the identification and characterization of flavor ingredients, subject of very controversial debates regarding regulation of this novel product class.

Furthermore, Max gave a talk on ABF´s current smoking cessation study. ABF organized a diet-controlled clinical study in which smokers quit smoking for three months. Changes in their metabolism is currently being investigated at ABF by analysis of plasma, urine and saliva using our untargeted metabolomic profiling apporach. First results were presented for the plasma analysis in Jeju. Those data are very promising with regard to the reversibility of smokers‘ metabolism after cessation. However, data evaluation has just begun and there are more interesting findings still to come. Fortunately, the audience was very interested in this topic as it could be seen from the numerous questions raised during the session and afterwards in the coffee break.

We are looking forward to the „big“ CORESTA Conference next year in Berlin!



Nikola Pluym

Nov 05th, 2015