Menthol is commonly used as flavouring compound in various industries including tobacco, environmental, cosmetic and food industries. As e-cigarettes present a rapidly growing market of modified risk tobacco products, the exposure to main flavours such as menthol is of immense importance for future product characterization, evaluation and risk assessment.

Menthol is oxidized to its primary metabolite M-I (para-menthane-3,8-diol) by a CYP2A6-mediated hydroxylation. Thus, M-I is regarded as a suitable biomarker of exposure to menthol in conventional cigarettes and – even more important – in e-cigarettes.M-I

A new method for the quantification of the menthol-metabolite M-I  was recently developed at ABF. The LC-MS/MS method was validated according to FDA guidelines on bioanalytical method validation and proved its suitability with excellent sensitivity (LOD: 1.7 ng/mL) in first applications in biological matrices.

A publication on this topic will follow in due course!

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Nikola Pluym

Oct 22nd, 2014