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Urinary determination of nicotine metabolites provides an ideal tool for the quantitative assessment of the tobacco use-related nicotine dose, provided that the considered metabolites comprise a large share of the amount taken up. A method based on liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) was developed for the sensitive, fast and robust analysis of nicotine and 10 major nicotine metabolites (“Nic+10”), including cotinine, trans-3’-hydroxy-cotinine, nicotine-N-glucuronide, cotinine-N-glucuronide, trans-3’-hydroxy-cotinine-O,N-glucuronide, nornicotine, norcotinine, nicotine-N’-oxide, cotinine-N’-oxide and 4-hydroxy-(3-pyridyl) butanoic acid.

This method could serve as a powerful tool for quantifying the nicotine dose of smokers, passive smokers as well as of novel tobacco and nicotine product users in clinical and epidemiological studies.



Related publication:

Markus Piller, Gerhard Gilch, Gerhard Scherer, Max Scherer (2014) Simple, fast and sensitive LC-MS/MS analysis for the simultaneous quantification of nicotine and 10 of its major metabolites, Journal of Chromatography B, March 1st, (951-52) 7-15.


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Max Scherer

Jan 13th 2014