UPLC-MS/MS to gain more sensitivity


Recent advances in separation science (development of sub-2µm particle columns) and MS instrumentation (sensitivity gain) allow the quantification of metabolites in complex matrices at very low levels.

Therefore ABF installed a brand new Waters Acquity UPLC I-Class system and a Waters Xevo TQ-S QqQ system in the end of 2011. The UPLC system allows the use of sub-2µm columns (pressure limit: 1200 bar), the MS/MS instrument is one of the currently most sensitive machines available on the market.



I Class UPLC und Xevo TQS



So far the system fulfilled our expectations, a UPLC-MS/MS method for quantification of OH-PAHs has been developed and validated. The new method is superior in terms of sensitivity, resolution, and throughput/run time compared to the previous (HP)LC-MS/MS method. Several other methods are going to be transferred on the novel device.


Josef Ecker

22nd April 2012