LC-MS Diskussionstreffen Wuppertal 2012

The German Association for Mass Spectrometry (DGMS), particularly Dieter Zimmer, hosted a symposium for LC-MS users in Wuppertal in September 2012 -"

"LC-MS Diskussionstreffen"

Katharina Sterz and myself from ABF participated in the conference. The scientific program covered presentations of triple-quad MS, TOF MS and Orbitrap MS users.

In my eyes the overall conclusion from the meeting was that high resolution ms instruments are more frequently used for analyte quantification nowadays. But still, for trace-level quantification in the low ng/ml- or pg/ml-range conventional QqQ mass spectrometers are preferred.

We thank Dieter Zimmer for the organization of the meeting and Waters for support.


Find here the ABF presentation from the LC-MS meeting in Wuppertal -

"Quantification of eicosanoids using UPLC-MS/MS: Challenges and possibilities"



Josef Ecker

5th October 2012