The CORESTA Conference 2011 in Graz - "Presentation on MHBMA isomers"

CORESTA 2011 in Graz (Austria)


This year`s CORESTA meeting - Joint Meeting of the CORESTA Smoke Science and Product Technology Study Groups - took place in Graz (Austria) from 9-13th October 2011. Bernhard Ramsauer and Josef Ecker from ABF participated in the conference.


Bernhard Ramsauer and Josef Ecker

The scientific program covered smoke science and product technology. Topics of the oral sessions included method and method validation, smoke and tobacco chemistry, smoking behaviour and biomarkers.

The Biomarker session was chaired by K. Yoshino. It started with presentations from K. Prasad and M. McEwan on the recent activities of the subgroups smoking behaviour and biomarkers. Other talks were given by C. Shepperd -"Cigarette smoke toxicant exposure estimates in smokers switched to reduced toxociant prototype cigarettes" and W. Zhou showing a LC-MS method for determination of Nicotine and its metabolites. W. Lian presented results from a metabolomics study on the effects of sidestream cigarette smoke on urinary metabolites of rats.

Josef presented ABF`s very recent data on a new method to determine MHBMA (biomarker for 1,3 butadiene exposure) and a novel compound that could be used as biomarker for smoking related 1,3 butadiene exposure. Find here Josef`s presentation - "Biomarkers for the smoking related exposure to 1,3-butadiene".

Besides the lecture program, the poster session and numerous scientific discussions, there was also spare time to visit the "heart of steiermark" - the south styrian wine route - and to enjoy the beautiful city of Graz.


Graz at night, view from Schlossberg


We are looking forward to the next CORESTA meeting 2012 in Sapporo - Japan!



Josef Ecker

17th October 2011