CORESTA conference 2013 in Seville

This year CORESTA meeting " joint meeting of the Smoke Science and Product Technology Study Groups" - was held in the beautiful city of Seville (Spain) from 29th Sep - 3rd Oct 2013. Gerhard and Max Scherer from ABF attended the conference.

Scientist from all over the world shared their recent work and achievements in variuos sessions including toxicology, smoke analysis, biological studies, e-cigarettes etc.

Gerhard presented in the "Smoking behaviour" session ABF's latest results on e-cigarette specific biomarkers. A newly developed method for the analysis of glycerol and propylene glycol by GC-MS and their application to a pilot study of e-cigarette smokers was presented. You can find a copy of the presentation hereunder:

"Assessing the exposure to 'smoke' from electronic cigarettes by biomarkers".

Max presented in the "Biological Studies" session a non-targeted metabolomics workflow which is suitable for the application to biological samples of smokers and non-smokers. You can find the presentation and a brief description of the project here:

On the last day both the smoking behaviour and biomarkers subgroups took place. Max presented a novel method for the simultaneous analysis of nicotine and 10 of its major metabolites in urine samples.

The presentation is provided here:

"A simple fast and robust method for the simultaneous quantification of nicotine and its 10 major metabolites (Nic+10) in urine"


Max Scherer

Oct 9th 2013