Waters 2013 MS Technology Days

The 2013 MS technology day hosted by Waters was held on Oct 8th in Stuttgart. Max Scherer from ABF participated in the meeting. During the morning sessions the latest technocological innovations from Waters were presented. There after, participants were split into 5 working groups covering different areas of research including clinical, food&environmental, pharmaceutical, biopharma and proteomics. Max presented a method in the pharmaceuticals section for the rapid quantification of bile acids in plasma/serum samples, which is currently being renovated using UPLC-MS/MS (Xevo-TQS) at ABF.

A copy of Max's presentation is palced here:

"Rapid quantification of serum/plasma bile acids using UPLC-MS/MS"


We would like tot hank Waters for organising this interesting event.



Max Scherer

Oct 9th 2013