It is our great pleasure to announce that ABFs’ research proposal was selected for funding by the foundation for a smokefreeworld (FSFW), which was established to address the world’s number one preventable cause of death: smoking

The title of the two-year research program is:

“Identification of biomarkers of exposure (BoEx) to different nicotine product user groups”

Smoking is the single greatest preventable cause of death and disability in the world of today. The systematic and objective assessment of biomarkers of exposure in various body fluids (urine, blood, saliva, exhaled breath and exhaled breath condensate) is of paramount importance in order to discern between nicotine-product use groups. Application of suitable bioanalytical methods is a pre-requisite for the evaluation of these products. This research program will focus on the identification of biomarkers and/or biomarker pattern to distinguish between combustibles, heat-not-burn, electronic cigarettes, oral tobacco and oral/dermal nicotine products as well as non-users (control group). In order to achieve this goal, the following working steps are planned:

1. In a literature review, suitable biomarkers based on the chemical composition of the products interest will be indentified and checked for their suitability to discriminate between the various user groups.

2. Secondly, untargeted methods will be developed and applied for the analysis of the exposome, adductome and breathome. These methods will be used in a top-down approach in order to select suitable targeted methods to generate quantitative results.

3. These analytical methods (targeted and untargeted) will be applied to samples derived from a clinical study that includes the aforementioned nicotine product-use groups as well as a control group of never users.

4. The results, including the analytical methods, will be published in peer-reviewed journals.

Check the news section for continuous updates on the project progress!