The laboratory was founded in 1980 under the leadership of the then director, Prof. Helmut Schievelbein. A main area of the lab work was the determination of biomarkers such as carboxyhemoglobin (COHb) as well as nicotine and nicotine metabolites in body fluids. From 1984 to 1988, Prof. Franz Adlkofer was head of the laboratory


Since mid of 1988, Professor Dr. Gerhard Scherer is head and general manager of the laboratory. The main area of research focused on assessing the dose and early biological effects of active smoking and passive smoking (exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS)) by both air monitoring and biomonitoring techniques. Simultaneously, the exposure to other sources (diet, work-place, environment) was assessed.

With the beginning of 2002, ABF GmbH Analytisch-biologisches Forschungslabor is an independent contract laboratory. Our services are of particular interest for both the tobacco industry and governmental agencies dealing with the evaluation of tobacco products. We believe that our expertise in toxicity testing and human biomonitoring may be of help for future tobacco product testing and evaluation.